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Incredible cleaning company, look forward to coming home every Friday after my home has been cleaned. They're always so professional/polite and really know what they are doing when it comes to making a home truly "deep cleaned!"

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Having a well-scheduled house cleaning service from professional cleaners
Cleaning can be simple and easy or total confusion depending upon how it’s approached. People often hear and read terms such as cleaning checklist and cleaning schedule but many are little concerned about those. House cleaning is a necessity and a responsibility that may be delayed but cannot be omitted. Besides, delaying necessary cleaning chores only creates a huge burden of tasks that often seem impossible to do. Thus, a cycle starts in which many homeowners and housekeepers are trapped today.

Importance of an Organized Approach Life is very fast in our current technologically advanced age. People have just enough time or often shortened to meet their responsibility daily. Wastage of time due to lack of preparedness can have an impact on other duties of homeowners. On the contrary, organized approach towards every task not only saves time but also energy and other resources. House cleaning is not an exception. In fact, it is one task that directly impacts the well-being of the occupants. However, some areas or some things are often left out as a result of unorganized cleaning. That is why cleaning schedule and cleaning checklist are emphasized by all who have balanced various chores of their lives appropriately. Cleaning Schedule and Cleaning Checklist

Despite being popular words in the field of cleaning, house cleaning schedule and checklist are little understood. The apparent idea is obvious, that is, a cleaning checklist should specify the places and things that are to be cleaned and the cleaning schedule should specify the time date on which specific places and things should be cleaned. However, it is the preparation of a cleaning checklist or cleaning schedule that demands attentiveness. It should not leave more to be done by homeowners rather make what has to be done manageable. Depending upon one’s preference (or rather a memory), cleaning checklist and schedule can simply specify main tasks for each day, week and month or can be wide spreadsheets with every task to be done in a year.

How to prepare Cleaning Checklist and Cleaning Schedule
There is no master or fee schedule that can be downloaded from the Internet and implemented. Similarly, there is no universal regulation pertaining to how the house cleaning checklist and schedule should be prepared. Checklist and schedule of no 2 people can be expected to be the same. In other words, creating a checklist and schedule for housecleaning is a matter of the presence of mind and right anticipation. Attentiveness is important to ensure that no task is ignored, lest complex changes may have to be made in the list and/or the schedule. Anticipation is crucial to decide the right frequency and duration of cleaning specific areas and things.
First of all, it has to be believed that creating a cleaning checklist and schedule is not a big task. It can be done simply by following a number of steps.

Master list of tasks: Schedule cannot be made unless all the tasks are specified. Master house cleaning checklist is the one that has all the tasks specified on it irrespective of how frequently they need to be done.
Sorting: Cleaning tasks on the master checklist then have to be sorted as annual, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily. Sorting in the order in which the frequency is mentioned is easier.
Final touches: Once the cleaning tasks are sorted according to the required frequency of cleaning, the basic house cleaning schedule is prepared. People then need to allocate time and duration for each task. For instance, the evening is the best part of the day for cleaning on Mondays while the only early morning is suitable for the tasks to be done on Sundays. Time has to be allocated similarly. For instance, 60 or 75 minutes can be spent on cleaning on weekdays and a couple of hours on Sundays. It depends upon the routine of business of the person.

Optimization: Routine of a professional differs from that of a homemaker. Similarly, the routine of a full-time professional differs from that of a part-time worker and routine of homemaker with grownup children differs from that of those infants and toddlers. Therefore, people have to understand their situation and decide how much time they can give on what task. A house cleaning schedule should also specify whether more than essential should be done daily to make weekends less burdensome or much has to be entitled to weekends. Similarly, the time and duration should be specified for cleaning chores impending monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually.
Conclusively, everyone can prepare a cleaning checklist and schedule customized according to their suitability by following the mentioned steps.